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October 27, 2013


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Bill C

No, I meant CLAN--QUEST FOR FIRE is actually good. But i was just plucking one of the many many movies Westmore worked on between 1980-1986. Feel free to IMDb him.

Frank Black

Bill, you seem to be confusing Clan of the Cave Bear with 1980's Quest for Fire. The former really did come out in 1986, which would make Westmore's recollection accurate.

Bill C

You're right, of course. I don't know how or why I made that conflation, but it's embarrassing. Fixed.

Richard Archer

Yes, very good reviews, and it's GREAT to FINALLY see these on Blu-Ray -- but PATSY's hand, Bill? Are you sure? It's always been my understanding, ever since I saw Psycho III in the theater way back in '86 (I was 15 then -- thanks for coming along, Mom), that it was Mother's hand Norman was stroking in the car with him. It certainly looks similar to the hand he was stitching together earlier in the film, in that gruesome flashback Norman has while he's stuffing the birds in the kitchen.

Bill C

Fair enough.


Very nice reviews. Thanks for validating my lifelong appreciation for the vastly under-appreciated Psycho II. Might want to include a spoiler warning, though.

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