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October 23, 2013


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I would echo the comments of MVS and M that this a review of a 25 year old film. Reviews of older movies, particularly on FFC, typically contain many more plot giveaways than reviews of new releases. Regardless, I didn't think the review disclosed enough to warrant a *SPOILER WARNING IN EFFECT* admonition.

And the analysis and insight of the review far outweighed any concerns about a longish plot run through.

I loved this film as a kid. I hadn't watched it in 20 years, in part because I was afraid that it was not nearly as good as I remembered. Mr. Frazer's excellent review led me to finally watch in again. Twice. I was stoked to find that it still kicks much ass.

Let the haters hate Mr. Frazer. And keep up the good work.


I saw this film in the cinema twice on its original release twenty six years ago. Several times since on various home formats.

What was your point?

Oh, yeah, yeah. Right. Your point was that you don't give the tiniest shit about anybody else and you want to let everybody know that. Gotcha.

This review is not The Worst Movie Review in The World, which is to say that it isn't simply a rote recounting of every major plot point and moment of characterisation in the movie. This review does actually contain sections of analysis, evaluation, and personal viewpoint. So, yay.

However. This review does also contain far too much rote recounting. Enough, I would say, to ruin at least some of the sense of creeping dread and "What the hell is going on?" that are the most enjoyable aspects of this movie.

And that's not cool. Most reviews on FFC don't do this.

People read reviews for any one of several reasons, but one of those reasons is to see if a particular movie might be worth watching. A review should not amount to "Yes, it's great, but I've just told you every single thing that happens so there's no reason to see it now."

This is simple stuff. I shouldn't have to be explaining it. Really. Do better.

Mats Veivang Sypriansen

If spoilers worry you... perhaps don't read a critique of a 25 year old film you haven't seen?

Scott Shepherd

Easily the creepiest movie I have ever seen. I was lucky enough to see this on the big screen..on a midnight showing. We emerged from the theatre completely freaked out, to a dark, foggy, deserted parking lot.
I slept with the light on that night.


Yes; spoilers.

Are you under the impression that not a single new person has been born for the past 35 years? Or perhaps you think that all John Carpenter movies are transmitted directly into the minds of foetuses?

Really. That would have taken just a microscopic amount of thinking to work out.


God that video dream transmission....everyone who's seen this remembers that part the best


Spoilers? This movie is 25 years old! Jesus...



I like this movie a lot. But I'm fairly sure that the main body of this review is the worst I've ever read on FFC. Sixty percent of it is either spoilers that would be genuinely enjoyment ruining for the unwary or simple plot run-through. Terrible!

Still, as an example of Carpenter at his (nearly) best it has qualities that seem impossible to find elsewhere, and those qualities have started to stand out even more starkly with the distance we've now gained.

Michael L

This is a wonderful review for a film I've only recently come to appreciate. There is something absolutely dreadful lurking throughout the whole film -- as dark as anything Carpenter's ever done.

"If the scientists are right, and there is no deliverance from evil, no eternal light of salvation acting as a countervailing force against the yawning void at the end of the road, then the believers are in deep fucking trouble. Along with the rest of us." Spot on.

And happy Halloween!

Mark Leonard

Awesome! One of the few Carpenters I've skipped over the years. Reason to "discover" it now---thanks Bryant! ML

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