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August 12, 2012


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This is one of the most entertaining movie reviews ever. The parts detailing the commentaries are hilarious. I've loved the first two Lethal movies since the late '80s (the third one is bad but watchable; don't even rate the fourth), but there definitely are some inconsistencies and peculiarities to the movies, most of which you called out. I'm pleased to see those "Director's Cuts" being relegated to deleted scenes again; they added no value to the theatrical versions.


Oh, and just to add to the already humoungus heap of "Trivia You Never Asked For" out there, Al Leong isn't the only link between Lethal Weapon and Die Hard (my 2 most rewatched franchises this last decade.) Slot Mary Ellen Trainor up there as well, saddled with an increasingly condescending Riggs in the former, and Ron Burgundy as a co-anchor in the latter.

And rumor has it Die hard 3 started as a Lethal Weapon script. Interesting how that would have played out without the switch.


The one where Walter takes a machete to another one of my sacred cows of the late'80s/early '90s video binge.

I wish I could work up some indignation, but the truth is, I am (sadly) old enough to recognize the truth in much of what's written here. LW3 seemed lazy even on the 1st viewing mostly in it's complete negation of so much of what LW1&2 had set up with regards to the type of character Riggs is. (He's a master of unarmed combat in LW1, but here gets the tar kicked outta him before Lorna comes to his defense; he was suicidal, erratic and dangerous in parts 1&2 but never willfully stupid enough to attempt disarming a bomb he knows nothing about).

LW4's casual racism (flied lice, enter the drag queen?)was alarming even as I dug the Jetster's moves, (surviving even Donner's complete inability to film a martial arts fight, why not hand the reigns over to Corey Yuen just for the dust-up at Murtaugh's place?), the film's sole saving grace.

I wonder if it was Glover's increasing ire at the steady neutering of his character that caused him to attempt a Riggs-like imitation in Predator 2 by way of compensation, right down to his own ass-kicking of Gary Busey:-)

And finally, that was hands down the most hilarious review of a disc's supplements I have ever read! Great stuff!


I remember being embarrassed at everyone involved with Lethal Weapon 4 but Jet Li. Whole scenes where the actors don't seem to have a script and suck at improv. The constant dated racism (Flied Lice, really?) Joe Pesci's sad clown monologue. Chris Rock, making his last action film appearance. I remember my brother imagined that the whole film could be re-cut with tragic hero Jet Li taking on the evil racists Murtaugh and Riggs.

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