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July 24, 2012


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Bill C

@Mark: I'm sorry you had trouble getting in touch with us but we're sure grateful for the review. Thanks for the heads-up; glad you enjoyed the book!

Mark Leonard

I've written a review/appreciation of Walter Chaw and "Miracle Mile" on my film and theatre blog. I've been reading Walter's reviews for over a decade, and I consider him a giant talent. My piece can be found on I attempted to e-mail either Walter or Bill, but the process is too complicated for this harried 46 year-old broadcaster/sometimes writer to deal with. Love the book, btw. Mark Leonard

Kenneth Saunders

A fascinating speed-rap with an emotional punch ... I tore through it in one night and plan to revisit it after I have seen the movie. Thanks for sharing this insightful and moving meditation. PS - Also a must for admirers of "Gravity's Rainbow" and "The Fly".


I finished Walter's fascinating, insightful Miracle Mile monograph last night. Buy it.
I can't recommend it highly enough. If you've seen the film, it's essential.
If you haven't, you'll find yourself wanting to track it down within pages of starting.

I anxiously await the announcement that a Vampire's Kiss monograph is on it's way.


My copy just arrived!

It's a great looking little book and I'm very much looking forward to starting it tonight.

Bill C

@Nochiel: There will be digital editions, but not for a little while.


Might there be a digital (epub/pdf/mobi) edition?


Ordered! I am very much looking forward to the read as I have been enjoying Mr. Chaw's articles since the good old days when FFC was an easy site to navigate.


Ordered! Lulu still sucks for us Germans because of high shipping cost, but I'm not willing to wait for Amazon to stock this thing. BTW, for other Germans out there: the coupon code is "SILBER" instead of "SILVER".

When I read that Walter was writing a book on Miracle Mile I recently watched it again after many years. It's a strange beast, that movie. At first I was a bit disappointed and had the feeling that it did not age that well, but on the other hand I found myself thinking about it frequently since then. Can't wait to read Walters take on it.

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