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March 10, 2014


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Thanks Bill. While I relish write-ups of esoteric fare that rarely falls within my viewing radar, it's great when you Film Freaks serve up a nice review for an honest to goodness meat-n-potatoes action movie.

What prevents Homefront from being the kick-ass action flick it could have been is the dilution of the movie's central conflict between Broker and Bodine by bringing in the bikers. The Stath against bikers is just so...generic. The quintesentially English Statham against quintesentially American Deep South Rednecks, both with a propensiy for dispensing head-stomping violence at the slightest provocation...that has Guilty Pleasure written all over it!

The movie also criminally squanders Kate Bosworth's meth-mama. Her explosive volatility in the earlier portions hint at how much more enjoyable the film could have been with her as the central baddie, as opposed to Franco who I just cannot buy as.....anything really.

"One of the primal pleasures of movies is to have that kind of anticipatory shorthand with an actor, and Statham has reached the movie-star sweet spot where he doesn't even need to attempt an accent, because who are we kidding?"

Couldn't have said it better myself! Even Van Damme at his peak needed to drum up reasons for his Gallic enunciations in virtually every movie:-)

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