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January 1, 2014


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Alex - I hadn't even considered the Little Big Man echos. They don't suddenly reveal new depths in TLR or anything, but I appreciate the connection. I suppose the biggest divergence is that Little Big Man, like Butch Cassidy or Judge Roy Bean, arrived at a time when the Western was ready to be eulogized (and approached with considerable ironic distance, which all three films adopt). Lone Ranger, much like Verbinski's Pirates trilogy, is drawing upon a genre which has basically been MIA for decades. Whereas people were game for Pirates, Lone Ranger (whatever its inherent appeal) is out in the wilderness, and likely to remain there for a good long while.

I actually liked Francis Ha. It's extremely slight, but the whole movie basically rests on how far Greta Gerwig's charm can take you. Mileage may vary, but in my case, it was very far indeed (or at least 85 minutes). I'm not sure I'd put it on my Top Ten. Then again, my Top Ten includes The Counselor, so feel free to pelt me with stones.

Oh, and all is basically forgiven on account of Walter including The World's End, which is not only Simon Pegg's best performance by miles, but the smartest and saddest of the Cornetto Trilogy. Also a nice palliative to the state of arrested development which consumes 90% of all comedy and action films these days.

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