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December 20, 2013


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Kevin McLeod

To Greg
(apologies for the delay, but been away for a bit)
The Shining is not The Talmud. And I am no High Priest. I am a scientist somewhat, searching for a global language that anyone can participate in by using it. Movie directors are our era's version of temple scribes, creating myths that encode our laws and rituals into performance. I'm not trying to inscribe mystery, I'm trying to decipher it, using methods that anthropologists and archaeologists have used for over a century to decrypt the past. Strangely, you infer that I have a proprietary relationship with this process and paradoxically the opposite is true, I let anyone who can read english access it, without any fees. You see this as dehumanizing, or that I am somehow less than human, and use a dead, subjective essence like irony as descriptive, while I can assure you that emotion is the central goal of all humanity and that the semantic-meaning that divides all humans is likely our undoing. Where ALL conflict comes from. And Kubrick is the one of few among many who is telling us to forge a new comprehension of humanity from our needless alliances with centralized, tribal meanings that lay buried in our languages but cannot be ignored in the purely visual. I am not interfering with your views regarding Kubrick, any interpretation is possible. But incredibly, you find it necessary to interfere with mine. Who is more aware here?

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