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December 8, 2013


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The CB's paint a boring picture about someone without that 'breakout' talent who is, nonetheless, sincere. In this sense, a line from the film - approximately: is that what those of us outside of show biz do - "exist"? - seems central. For this is what the people in this film do - they exist. Yes, the CB's clearly, though not obtrusively, were more enamoured by the set than the characters strutting therein. Regarding your remark of the "disdain" that is swerling around the CB and audiences, I tend to feel more like indifference and impatience, at times.

It also seems a shame that this is attached to an actual historical figure (though really who gives a shit about that) as, from living accounts of those that knew the man, he seems to be entirely different than he portrayed here.

I left the cineplex wishing I had listened to my wife and had gone with American Hustle. And I've seen every CB movie at least once. The CB's reliance on quirky characters indicated possession of a sensibility that realized if they could not make people care they could at least entertain. They should hesitate when seeking to ignore that.

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