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October 23, 2013


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I saw this film in the cinema twice on its original release twenty six years ago. Several times since on various home formats.

What was your point?

Oh, yeah, yeah. Right. Your point was that you don't give the tiniest shit about anybody else and you want to let everybody know that. Gotcha.

This review is not The Worst Movie Review in The World, which is to say that it isn't simply a rote recounting of every major plot point and moment of characterisation in the movie. This review does actually contain sections of analysis, evaluation, and personal viewpoint. So, yay.

However. This review does also contain far too much rote recounting. Enough, I would say, to ruin at least some of the sense of creeping dread and "What the hell is going on?" that are the most enjoyable aspects of this movie.

And that's not cool. Most reviews on FFC don't do this.

People read reviews for any one of several reasons, but one of those reasons is to see if a particular movie might be worth watching. A review should not amount to "Yes, it's great, but I've just told you every single thing that happens so there's no reason to see it now."

This is simple stuff. I shouldn't have to be explaining it. Really. Do better.

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