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September 23, 2013


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Alex Jackson

So in summation, here are the reasons that SUPERMAN RETURNS is "terrible":

1. It's too long and too slow.- Well, I feel that a shorter and quicker-paced SUPERMAN RETURNS would not carry as much weight.

2. It's inconsistent with its own mythology- I'll give you that, I guess, since I don't really know what you are talking about it. Inconsistency within its own mythology fosters awareness of artifice that threatens what this Superman is.

3. It's an ode to two movies that were awful.- In interest of full disclosure, I have not seen SUPERMAN 2. I am not a fan of SUPERMAN 1 though or at least it made very little impact on me, and the movie works for me as a sequel to a mostly non-existent original. Nostalgic for something that's not exactly there? Maybe it helps to not have that much knowledge going in so you don't make those associations?

4. The association of Superman with Jesus shows a lack of creativity and a brain- For much of the Western world, Jesus Christ is the principle anthropomorphic deity. While the connection is obvious, I think that we cannot help but make it in a Superman movie with the serious aspirations of SUPERMAN RETURNS. A Superman movie without a Christ allusion would risk degenerating into self-aware kitsch.

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