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July 1, 2013


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I am convinced that THE LONE RANGER is one of the best films of the year. I did not walk in with the PIRATES franchise in mind and I wasn't all wrapped up in Depp. I figured I was going to see a western, but I wasn't prepared to have to bring my CLOUD-ATLAS-watching game along with my M&Ms. There's a LOT going on in this movie. For starters - and this idea means that a lot of reviewers are totally missing the point and/or looking for and at the wrong things - there is absolutely no reason to think that what is going on in the main action of the film is absolutely, literally real. You are seeing something that is at least semi-imagined, and the degree to which it is imagined depends on your interpretation of the framing device of the fair, and I see two different ones, both of which, I think, are valid: 1) this is a story told by Tonto as he chooses to tell (and embellish) it, and the way in which he tells it is itself telling, given what you learn of Tonto - again, from his own perspective 2) there was never a live, moving, speaking Tonto in that diorama. Hint: look carefully at the "trades" Tonto makes when he prepares to bury the Rangers. Also: at the end of the film, Tonto changes clothes...to resemble whom?

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