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March 24, 2013


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Both these movies are pretty good (but yeah, "dusty" in the Hammer mode). "Vampire Lovers" is superior only by virtue of more hot girl-on-girl action and boffo lines like "I feel its fur in my mouth!" It's a bit contradictory to say "Countess Dracula" has "plodding pace and enough melodrama to upset a runaway carriage." I found it to be an engaging exercise in court intrigue and plot twists. Granted, it is a way-watered down version of the Erzsébet Bathory legend; her body count is reputed to be up to 650, while in the movie she manages barely half a dozen victims including the trampled peasant (and I fail to see any humor in his death scene). The legend is so outlandish, though, that the theory that Ms. Bathory was the target of a politically-motivated witch hunt, is more plausible.

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