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February 12, 2013


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I see Boardwalk Empire not so much as a step behind The Sopranos in quality as a bookend to The Sopranos; maybe that's too meta and unfair to either show, but hey, Terence Winter's got his fingerprints on both (of course The Sopranos unquestionably belongs to David Chase). Boardwalk Empire is about the birth of the mob in the United States; political and familial bonds that form in its wake, and The Sopranos is about its decay.

I also wonder if you, Walter (or anybody else reading this comment), have anything to say about the charge leveled at the show for its so-called liberalism -- not that there's anything wrong with that. I have a friend who was furious with the series about three episodes in, which I took for his political streak. However the episode "Belle Femme" struck even me as an allegory of sorts, an indictment of the business-first relationships that form in the wake of The Prohibition and that bear a not-unsubtle resemblance to certain aspects of our country today.

Finally, without spoiling things, I will say that I personally thought the second season dipped in quality (and some of its predictability is affirmed based on the shots you called), but that it gets its mojo back in season three.

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