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January 27, 2013


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I thought Watson finally gave a decent, restrained, non-actressing with her eyebrows flailing about performance in PERKS, a movie that I probably loved more than it deserved after having been forced by an ex to watch pretty much every and all H.S. set films ever. I mean, it's no IF... or HEATHERS, but so few H.S. films are that it felt like a revelation. At the very least, I know H.S. me could relate as it sparked some painful memories that I thought years of drugs had burnt out. Yeah, kinda baffling how those kids didn't know "It's David Bowie" (Go Team Venture!) who sang heroes when they knew the ins and outs of The Smiths, but Ezra awesomesauce Miller, La Grange & "It's as Ann as the nose on plain's face" were pretty darn believable as a clique of outcast qweirdos.

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