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December 11, 2012


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Wow, I’ve read some mixed reviews on The Bourne Legacy, but this one really makes the movie sound terrible. Since I’ve been a fan of the franchise for years I’m hoping I’ll agree with my DISH coworker who really liked it. In fact, I already own all the other Bourne movies on Blu-Ray, so I’m tempted to just go out and buy it. I try to resist buying movies I haven’t seen though (especially when they’re getting reviews like this one). All that that type of ‘blind buying’ has gotten me is two full shelves of discs I’ll never watch again. And with them running $15-$30 a piece I don’t even want to know what that adds up to. After realizing that, I decided to change my habits and these days I use DISH’s Blockbuster @Home to rent all my movies before I buy them. With Blockbuster @Home I get thousands of titles streamed to my TV and PC but best of all I get over 100,000 titles by mail. So not only is it really convenient, but it saves me a lot of money on movies like the Bourne Legacy that I’d probably regret buying.

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