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December 11, 2012


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It wasn't a drop of 12 IQ points that terrified 'new Bourne'; it was the loss of his artificially-inflated IQ and sensory reflexes. The 12 IQ points figure quoted in the film was the amount that Aaron was lacking from the minimum baseline required for entry to the augmentation program (yet he somehow got in). After augmentation, he has attained some new, presumably vastly superior cognitive level.

I agree wholeheartedly on the review of this disappointing film. I was so excited for a new Bourne film, and despite replacing the star and director, I felt with Tony Gilroy and Jeremy Renner, the film appeared to be in good hands. Renner was pretty good...

Gilroy, unfortunately, is a wild man at the reigns of this film. The first 30 minutes is a confusing mess, introducing dozens of new characters without any explanation as to who they are (including the hero!). The Bourne Identity didn't explain Matt Damon's character because the film was taking us with Jason Bourne through his amnesia. There is no excuse to how this film opens up as if it's a direct sequel to Bourne Ultimatum despite an entirely new hero and mostly new characters.

It's also lazily scripted. Aaron is the product of the brand new, even better super soldier program called Outcome, presumably better than both Treadstone and Blackbriar, despite the fact that Outcome operatives need to take two separate pills every couple of days. The reason they need to take these pills, of course, is that it's the major driving force of the plot. Ugh.

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