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December 28, 2012


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Why would a Liberal say so indeed. Of course, they wouldn't, that's the point. A Conservative expressing such sentiments ABSOLUTELY - no-ifs no-buts - means that he's an unthinking rube.

Conversely, a Liberal like Matt Damon making what you might call a 'tree-hugging, misguided moronic' movie, is in NO WAY supposed to reflect on Liberals in the same way a movie like Red Dawn is supposed to reflect on Conservatives.

In fact, as Walter's at pains to explain to us all, it's not that a Leftie making a 'tree-hugging, misguided moronic' movie is what Lefties who hew to 'tree-hugging misguided moronic' ideas DO (which they do), it instead is supposed to be understood as enabling those dastardly Conservatives to misrepresent 'tree-hugging misguided moronic' Lefties.

The obvious question is, how is a Leftie doing as a Leftie does supposed to be a misrepresentation of Lefties?

Oh and BTW, it doesn't take a Conservative to find the 'I'm rubber, you're glue' mentality oft displayed by Liberals to be distinctly unappealing.

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