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October 23, 2012


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This movie was beautiful, exciting, and it moved me greatly. I'll take an incredibly mounted, flawed amalgam of both pretentious and sentimental philosophy with beautifully-paced action (such as this or "Watchmen"), over excrescently boring, pretentious dogshit about absolutely nothing (like "The Fountain", "The New World", and "The InnKeepers", all of which Walter seems to love because they... why? Actually, I'm sorry. Seriously. Why the fuck?) any day of the week.

And the reason the same actors played different characters is - ya know - kinda built into the premise of cyclical human history and reincarnation? Not always successfully done, but not real difficult to understand why it was attempted. Yes, the philosophy is simple, though not all of it naive - just as simply because something is convoluted and complicated on the surface doesn't automatically make it inherently worthy of study.

I agree with Kevin that there was no Magic Negro. He was a good sailor, and a perceptively good (not to mention hot) friend who changed someone's mind about slavery. That's it. How is that offensive? And when contained within it is commentary that seems intrinsic to the overall themes of the whole movie, how is that storyline not worth pursuing?

There was, of course, no need for black face. But in all honestly, I wouldn't have been opposed to it, though I am white so admittedly disqualified from even proffering that as an option. The only reason they didn't do it while continuing to do yellowface was not because they couldn't have done it without being culturally insensitive, but because Al Sharpton and Spike Lee would have had a field day, and there are (fortunately) no Asian equivalents to those ass-clowns.

That the Wachowskis self-financed this gives me a little fucking hope that someone, somewhere is committed to making large-budget movies that challenge us with big ideas wrapped in equally challenging, but always exciting, narratives - not just commercial monstrosities that challenge us to keep our IQs, or to stay awake.

The fact that Walter has the nerve to make comparisons to reference to Solzhenitsyn's imprisonment in the middle of this as a form of irony, but not the nail-clawing actual prison sequence in the middle of horrendously interminable - and boring as all shit - "The Dark Knight Rises", is selective fucking memory if I've ever seen it.

Oh, and "The Field Where I Died" might have made even *me* cry, but that was rightfully considered one of the worst, most boring episodes of "The X Files" produced during the Duchovny years. I'll give him this - for the kind of work he heaps praise on, at least Walter's consistent.

Just didn't realize he was so sensitive about critics being attacked. There, there, Jon Lovitz. Perhaps we should all grow a thicker skin.

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