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September 26, 2012


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Thanks for the review, Walter. Loved Walking Tall, one of those movies, first seen on TV on one of those lazy Saturday afternoons, that always succeeds in stirring some serious primordial ooze deep inside, the one that relishes seeing revenge flicks( which is how I always interpret this movie, no matter how many times I see it) and the buzz that accompanies the sight of repellant baddies getting their come uppance. Pusser is a vigilante,pure and simple albeit one with a badge, the Exterminator with a Big Stick and I revisit the film every couple of years to experience the pure base-level emotions it steers (and throw in some poignancy there as well, given that both Elizabeth Hartman and Brenda Benet ended their own lives in their prime). Like all good exploitation flicks do.

Walking Tall 2 was garbage and Walking Tall 3 shaky and uneven. Although if Bo Svenson was at least 30 years younger today, you'd have the perfect Jack Reacher instead of You-Know-Who

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