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September 2, 2012


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Biff!Pow! Slam! And Walter delivers a knockout! I was relieved when the Mensa committee that decided that a tag-team combo of a hip-hop artiste with a martial arts star would spell box-office gold pulled the plug after 3 execrable outings.

They should have just wedged Exit Wounds in there somewhere, slapped on a 3-for-1 offer and thrown this on the bargain bin stockpile. Or a landfill.

Amazing how fans of hip-hop and chop socky didn't spray their shots at this trifecta of classy film-making which attempted to position DMX as a charismatic leading man, thoroughly emasculated Jet Li and Steven Seagal, had no idea how to use Michael Jai White and Mark Dacascos and deems an Anthony Anderson and Tom Arnold conversation on the former's mastubatory habits and the latter's experience "being married to this real fat woman once" as the zenith of comedic excellence.

Fickle audiences, eh?

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