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August 23, 2012


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Well, all right, but I still don't think that necessarily excuses the film's implausibility. Even if a movie is based on real events, it has to appear credible within its own confines. I'll let a better writer than me explain what I think. This is from the Boston Globe review:

"Something in our neural nature predisposes us to accept whatever we see up on the screen as reality — and that’s even before factoring in synchronized sound and the illusion of motion. A giant, impregnable space station called the Death Star? Sure, why not. A little later, the destruction of that same Death Star by a torpedo-like thing whooshing up a heating duct? Sure, that, too. Some combination of our desire to believe and a filmmaker’s artistry makes the movies work.

That gift comes with a disclaimer, though. Note those words “filmmaker’s artistry.” Just as we happily grant the most fantastical onscreen actions a dramatic actuality so long as the filmmaker makes them seem real, so do we reject anything that violates our experience of human nature and everyday life. Even if we’re watching a docudrama about something we know happened, and it doesn’t feel real? Then forget about it."

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