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June 6, 2012


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Actually MWD...Alien wasn't so much brilliantly scripted as it was brilliantly shot. Technical limitations make for amazing use of other devices to get your point across..keep this in mind, Alien was originally proposed as "Jaws in space" and suffered from the same technical limitations which oddly enough, redeemed both films. Steven Spielberg was once a canny film maker and he knew his pneumatic shark looked awful (the only time we see it is in the near destruction of suspension of disbelief when it mounts the boat) so he used music and camera techniques to suggest danger which made the danger all the more terrifying. Jaws 2 and 3 show what happens when someone 'lets people see the monster' and they were awful. Now, onto Alien...there are approximately two scenes where we see it and both times it becomes obvious it's a guy in a suit (one is a horrendously deleted scene that would have wrecked the entire film..if anyone who reads this doesn't know what scene it is, check cracked.com or the scene where it attacks Lambert and Parker was once LONGER...) so they didn't show it much. That and the use of light, reveals and suspensful sound effects and music along with Sigourney Weaver's vulnerable survivor character make Alien so memorable. Script-wise there was not a lot to it, just normal dialogue until the big reveal (which no one knew was coming...check Lambert when the blood spurts, she was terrified), questionable science (which gets more to the created nature of the monsters...) and the mysterious 'Space Jockey' that apparently inspired the direction of this film. Great movie and Aliens (aside from producing the Alien queen, Ridley Scott's solution for egg creation is just...terrible) pretty much took a shit on the original. Oh well...at least Alien 3 for all its faults was much closer in both suspense (the problem was the horrible CGI (bluescreen?) creature shots when it's obvious it wasn't there...) nature and tone with the original...163 of the Aliens from Alien and Alien 3 would have easily killed a platoon of marines...okay, I still like the movie but come on!

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