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June 20, 2012


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I can't think of a movie less deserving of zero stars--not that it deserved four, mind you...well, maybe more like five? Or all the stars? A Civil War movie that actually has the stones to have absolutely zero sentiment regarding the Confederacy--no, "well the South were noble warriors too"--no, the Confederates were VAMPIRES WHO DRAINED THE BLOOD OF BLACK PEOPLE. Which is, you know, true. That alone makes it worthwhile. I mean, jeez, it's like the political inverse of Birth of A Nation.

And it succeeds because it takes its ridiculous premise and plays it straight. It's like a really great 70s horror comic. Try to do this stuff camp and it falls apart. Try to do this stuff Whedonesque and, okay, there's a fine line there that works for some and not for others. In AL:VH Lincoln really really did free the slaves from vampires and that is it--that is the story. I mean it doesn't have a lot of competition on this score, but as a "different" take on the Lincoln mythos? I loved it.

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