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April 16, 2012


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That's interesting that he tried to act like a gorrilla. I can see it now. And that's a big metaphor for being as alpha as he was in this. Essentially those subliminals are direct communications of our humanity. Sometimes I watch videos of bonobos on YouTube and other primates and I see parallels between human behavior and the origins of our evolution. It's like studying the secrets of the depth of humans beyond the conscious mind. The primal things primates do connect to the evolved consciousness of a human but they both come from a similar place except (most) humans become self aware and primates don't as much so theres a certain naturalness to those primal mannerisms. It's a huge key to why he came across so alpha, moreso than any of his other films I think, even ones from around the same time. It's maybe because he was trying to do that.

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