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January 22, 2014


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The Egregious Bowel

Word up on calling out the oft-repeated untruth that this was a debut. The real irony being that "Static" is a far choicer morsel than either of Romanek's 'official' features...

(I wonder if Keith Gordon ever gets pissed at Romanek continually dismissing their collaboration as "juvenilia?" And seriously, if "Static" is juvenile, then "Never Let Me Go" is flat-out infantile. Oh lawdy, I could go on and on with that one.)


(Spoiler warning) The conclusion isn't "embarrassing" so much as confusing. Turns out Sy just took pictures of mundane objects. So...what? Does this mean there's no evidence against him and he gets off scot-free? Not really, since there's the knife, the illegal family photos and the testimony of the two victims. Then what's the significance? Various web discussions suggest there were two rolls of film, or Sy just imagined the terror scene, or Sy was a victim of kiddy porn. But the collective response seems to be "huh-wha?"

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