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December 10, 2013


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Ivor Zalud

I can usually tell the quality of Walter's hit pieces by all the weirdos (who presumably spend great amounts of time harassing people they don't agree with on Rotten Tomatoes) that come flooding out of the woodwork to either defend the hated film in question or offer forth their own not-terribly-constructive criticism, as if anyone cared. This one looks like a home run, judging by the quantity of well-adjusted folks who felt the need to dispense their invaluable opinions.

I saw Saving Mr. Banks tonight and loved it. Well scripted, perfectly acted and nuanced and I was reminded what a great movie Mary Poppins is


Trolling, trolling now they go
Disney fans are griping
Trolling, trolling through the snow
Disney fans are griping

A joyous voice sweet and clear
Sings the sad of the movie here
Bitch, moan, bitch, moan
Disney fans are griping


Rotten Tomatoes brought me here and the stench couldn't be more rotten. Bitter bile posing as reviews. Has this person considered using his talents to contribute more constructively to society? Like a position in IT or the translation of manuals. Leave writing about film to those who love the medium and find some joy in it.


I get the piling on in the Hunger Games review. Huge movie with passionate fans of the source material--it was bound to happen. But all these people coming out in defense of this film? Jesus. I had no idea so many people were invested in middlebrow corporate-mythmaking bullshit. There really is no hope for creatives in the modern age, is there?


This guy communicates like a child.


Seriously, where do you people come from?


you write like you need to get laid

An independent Walt Disney biographer

There is absolutely no evidence that Walt was an anti-Semite. Just sayin'. Carry on.

Movie Guy

Wow, anyone who uses language like this reviewer clearly doesn't poses the intellect and vocabulary to have a public opinion on any film.


Harlan Ellison on Saving Mr. Banks:

In a nutshell... "so ffffffucking manipulative" he says, but with principle.

Mark Leonard

Claiming Walter Chaw is a poor writer is like saying the earth is's utterly ridiculous. ML


Okay- Mr. Chaw gave 3 out of 4 stars to Lone Ranger - which IMO belongs in a landfill, yet makes clear in capital letters this movie deserves ZERO stars -

Yet it's getting 80% approval from critics and 97% from users on Rottentomatoes....

Maybe Mr. Chaw was watching a different movie?

If indeed he was watching "Saving Mr. Banks", this review IMHO shows neither insight or intellect....

Maybe Mr. Chaw would be better off reviewing cardboard-charachter summer movies instead, like the Lone Ranger.

I get it - this is a whitewashed makeover of a point in history that is not entirely correct... A blatant piece of Disney propaganda... Sure.... but to give it Z E R O stars says more about the critic than the movie... which adds zero to both.


Use of the term 'piece of shit' disqualifies this 'review' for me. Poor writing - even for somebody likely holding a cubicle day job. Get back to work. Or your video games.


Oh heavens, here we go again with the fanboys...


This review has the journalistic heft of a public bathroom wall.


When did film criticism turn into playground bullying? Since everyone owning a computer can call himself a 'critic' and smear their laughable drivel all over the internet. This website is a sad joke. The only positive: It gets less clicks than my cat lady has cats. Oh, and Saving Mr Banks is beautiful, measured storytelling.

Kelly Hamilton

Goodness, what an angry review! The reviewer seems to be disgusted with the Walt Disney Company for having made P.L. Travers rich in her old age. What is the complaint here? She was free to say no, lose her beloved home and live our her years destitute but true to her art, such as it was. Where is the outrage here? Where is the tragedy, the sell out, the shameless commercialism that destroyed her creation? I read the original Mary Poppins books. They were dull and old-fashioned even in the 1950's. They were not "Alice in Wonderland" or "The Wizard of Oz" and P.L. Travers was on the verge of being forgotten forever. Why is this critic reviewing Disney movies anyway? That's like reviewing Kleenix.


HEY! As the only thing standing between my wife becoming a crazy cat lady, I resent the implication that she would even see this garbage!

Okay, maybe she would see it because of her lifelong girlcrush on Emma Thompson, but she would never wear a Mickey Mouse sweatshirt.

Manny Kreisman

Haaaaaaaa......Glad to have Walter back. I'd thank him for helping me to avoid seeing this in the theaters but I smelled the stink on this turd from a mile away.

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