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November 16, 2013


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Alas, I don't know if the DFS recorded the session. It went about 97min with good, lively discussion. I had a nice time - it's always good to be among my peers locally, it seems like it happens less and less. I'm flattered that you guys are interested in seeing something like this. We've been kicking around ideas at FFC for a while now on how to expand into other areas of media - maybe this is the time to do it though, frankly, keeping the writing flowing may be the priority right now. Anyway - thanks again for the interest.

Mats Veivang Sypriansen

I'll third that request. Any chance here, FFC people?


Yes, brilliant idea jer. I would love to hear Walter on a panel discussion!


Any chance anyone will be recording and then YouTubing/MP3ing this event for those of us nowhere near Denver?

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