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October 17, 2013


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Bill C

Good one. Yeah, I deleted your earlier comments because they actually insulted anybody who might've identified with what Walter wrote more than they insulted Walter, and because this is my carpet that I pay for and I decide who gets to shit on it. You're a real fuckin' loser, you know that, right?

Richard Burden

y'know what else is Obama's fault? your depression.

now delete this comment real quick now before anyone fucking baby.


I'm cautious about this movie, but you have me intrigued. De Palma's CARRIE is my favorite horror movie ever. As far as I'm concerned, it's full of compassion. I haven't read King's novel, but the original film works because it's strictly and profoundly about injustice. It's in Carrie White's headspace insofar as it's dealing with the futility of being an innocent person in a cruel and nihilistic universe, which was a profound way to register with teenage audiences.

Alex Jackson

I remember the book being pretty smarmy and smartass. Things that stick out to me is how the gym teacher got a rush of satisfaction from slapping Carrie and Chris prided herself on never achieving orgasm with her lover. (I'm convinced that it's a pervasive male fantasy that teenage boys can't satisfy their teenage girlfriends sexually). And that there was a letter near the end filled with grammatical errors and spelling errors because it was written by a little kid or a backwoods retarded person or something.

Anyway, filled with stuff that shows how much better the author is toward his characters and toward his material. Perhaps part of the reason that DePalma seemed such a good fit for the novel is that he accepts that smarminess and goes full-throttle with it. I think I like CARRIE, but it took me a while to warm up to DePalma in general for that specific reason. I'm not sure how to feel about the build-up to the pail of blood, the locker room scene, or the shock ending. I have pretty mixed feelings about all of them. My feelings toward his outdated editing techniques like the fast motion and the split screen are even more complicated. He really, like, has no interest or compassion for other human beings except as cinematic constructs. Describing the film as being about Sue and Kris sounds pretty accurate to me. Maybe that's subversive, to make a bullying film about Carrie White. Empathizing with her sort of sounds like the easy way to go.

Nonetheless, I'd definitely say that CARRIE ranks below DRESSED TO KILL and BLOW OUT and I simply prefer Sissy Spacek in 3 WOMEN and BADLANDS though her performance here is equally fantastic. (Mmm, if I ever get to realize that fantasy of mine about opening up my own semi-revival theater like the New Beverly, we gotta have a Sissy Spacek night).


With all due respect to Walter and Pauline Kael, I never got the theory that the book was second-rate crapola which DePalma turned into art. The book could have used some editing (Sue looks out her window, sees the school burning, and arrives something like an hour later) but the writing was insightful and inventive (even Kris and Billy were well-drawn characters). DePalma cartoonized it (that moment where Tommy and his friends start talking fast-WTF?) not to mention made a cut-rate version, probably due to budget limitations (In the book Carrie didn't stop with the school) and it wasn't even scary. It only took two more novels for me to burn out on Stephen King, and I also fail to get the nation's unending worship of his shtick, but "Carrie" remains a sweet intro.


Another remake. God stop already


Well, aside from the jailbait comment.

I'm really of two minds on Carrie's casting. It's the third version of the story, wouldn't it be high times to actually cast a woman that doesn't look like, well, like Grace-Moretz? Pigs blood for a pig does suggest overweight...


Thank you for keeping sexism out of your review. The rest of the bunch are an awful lot.

Walter Biggins

"The DePalma is about Sue and Kris, the Peirce is about Carrie herself--and therein lies all the difference."

That line by itself makes me want to see this version. Even King's novel, I think, over-emphasizes the freakdom of Carrie and her mom, not their humanity.

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