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September 22, 2013


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Sorry, wasn't criticizing, just relaying what I read elsewhere, I'd personally would have liked to have seen it, just to try and figure out what the director and writers were thinking in terms of tone, especially since I like the way they chose to go small instead of big for the finale. I know it wasn't what people wanted but considering the way they were going to go with Pitt's wife shacking up with Mathew Fox I think they went the right route.

Bill C

Unfinished effects have never stopped a studio from including deleted scenes before. (See almost any of the recent Marvel films on DVD or Blu-ray.) Consumers are savvy enough these days to accept a little greenscreen and unrendered animation. Anyway, I didn't mean to advocate including it as a branchable ending, just as a bonus feature.


If you're a fan of the film then you will notice the extra bits added in, more headshots and blood flying around, more of Pitt actually beating down zombies,especially in Newark, plus a "Drive" looking head stomp and more craziness in the Israel scene. I did read the director say while a lot of stuff was shot for the aborted finale, none of the FX work was done so it didn't make sense cost wise to compete it as solely a DVD extra or curiosity piece that I'm sure the majority of the viewing public doesn't even know exists.

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