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September 22, 2013


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brandon curtis

I really liked "Pieta." Haven't yet had the chance to see "Moebius." I find it difficult to reconcile the thoughtful artiste of "Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring" and "3-Iron" with the director of "Bad Guy," "The Coast Guard," and, of course, "Pieta" although I didn't expect the cynicism of "Pieta" to give way to the bracingly humane moment where the hitman spares the guy's life because he hopes the guy will share his gift of song with his unborn son. An unbelievably tender moment in what is otherwise an emotional mindfuck.

Kurt Halfyard

Moebius had the awkward side-benefit that it played like unintentional black comedy far too often. Every time Son or Dad, or Dad & Son checked the internet, or traded print-outs it was pretty funny. Also it seems to parody one of the great scenes from KKD's 3-IRON.

Over all, I quite liked Moebius (and was quite bored with last years Pieta) and felt I got my time and money's worth in the strangest of ways...

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