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August 5, 2013


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Agree with Kyle Roberts. Human civilization is a constant struggle to make sure the gap between the haves and the have nots does not become permanently unbridgeable. It's a blunt message and treating it with subtly and nuance - as the have's want it to be treated - defeats the entire purpose of relaying the message in the first place.


I liked Elysium a lot. It felt like the slightly ADD 21st century remake of Paul Verhoeven's ROBOCOP, with all it's corporate brouhaha and on-the-ground grue; and a curious seasoning of Johnny Mnemonic in there, well, just because cyberpunk ain't dead yet folks.

Yes it's heavy handed, but have you gone back and watched Soylent Green, ZPG or Silent Running lately? Those movies benefit from the 'slower paced' filmmaking as dictated by the filmmaking of their decade, but they are just as earnest and 'shrill' if you want to see the that.

Matt Damon

The worst part of the movie: shaky cam and hazy action scenes a la Transformers, bad camera shots with extreme closeups of the faces. Jodie Foster should get a razzy for this movie. Also an extremely simplistic ending. Bummer, with another directory of photogaphry and a slight better script this movie could be awesome.

kyle roberts

The film's message needs to be heavy-handed because most people don't seem to understand that the way things are in this movie is the way society is basically. The people with the power want to keep the power and don't want to share it. People don't see that and need to be bludgeoned over the head with it until they understand and start doing something to change it instead of wasting their time trying to keep other downtrodden people down.


so, yeah, i saw this and pretty much loved it. heavy-handed, sure, whatever, but i adored it for what it is: a modern but hard-edged throwback to the early sci-fi actioners of Cameron and Verhoeven with some Ridley Scott aesthetic influence, too, executed with incredible technical aplomb and vision but very little padding. i suppose that as far as sophomore efforts of sci-fi directors go, this is to me as Source Code is to Chaw.


yeah, District 9 was very heavy-handed. but i didn't mind.


Well the reason Blomkamp doesn't think it's "agenda-driven" is that zealots are blind to their own zealotry. They think the people walking away from them shaking their head are just stupid and/or evil.


also, i have to wonder how wretched the last 37 minutes or so of the movie must be if "the first hour or so of the film is pretty awesome." it's an action movie and from what i've read, the last part of the movie is mostly action. is the action that bad?

Ash Talon

I thought District 9 was heavy-handed. I suppose I'm in for a complete bludgeoning from Elysium.


bummed you didn't like this. strange how much Blomkamp went on about not wanting to make a "message" or "agenda-driven" movie and yet so many reviews accuse him of that. at the same time, when i read the descriptions of how this film is "heavy-handed" (and, seriously, the critical community seems intent on bludgeoning it into our heads that, yes, Elysium has heavy-handed storytelling--but nearly all blockbusters share that foible, just not all of them have sociopolitical themes in tow), i can't say i'm theoretically bothered by any of it. i guess i'll have to see how it plays out for myself. if nothing else, i think i'm ready to appreciate the movie simply on the level of a sci-fi action flick with cool designs and quality technical cred and action that doesn't feel completely weightless.

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