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July 10, 2013


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Godzilla being 'remade' in 1998 does nothing to derail your laughable theory, I notice.

Dan C.

I liked the film a bit better than Walter did, but this review does capture the frustration of watching Guillermo del Toro turn out such a strangely depersonalized film, without a single digression in its dutiful plot to match the first Hellboy's rooftop therapy session or the drunken singalong of the second. And the copious destruction doesn't yield the same out-of-nowhere melancholy as the ribbon-covered fences and curtained children's wards early on in Mimic.

But there were a few moments here and there, usually just a second or two, so perfect that any former Godzilla-loving seven-year-old could just about cry. And the best shots in the film suggest entire sequences and scenes of a better movie than the one we actually get. But of course one wants more from del Toro than subliminal flashes of burning genre nostalgia.

Walter Biggins

Thanks, Walter, for this smart review. It looks like, if Pacific Rim goes well, the next del Toro project will be a 3-D adaptation of... Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse-Five, with screenplay by Charlie Kaufman:

Whoa nelly. That's one hell of a golden ticket.


thanks for the review, Walter. well thought-out and i can't help but feel that i'll probably end up with the same reactions, though i suppose i can hope it'll strike me better.

Adam Frazier

You make a good point about the Kaiju themselves... I did expect a little more pathos from the monsters... the plant elemental from Hellboy II had more than all of the Kaiju combined here...


From the trailers and clips, it looks like the majority of the 'good' parts of this movie (the big dumb action) are CGI robots fighting CGI aliens through CGI cities in CGI rain while causing CGI destruction to CGI people.

The most boring type of action scene is a fight scene between two computer-generated characters, especially if they're in an all-CGI environment and/or if both of them are invincible (real actors in CGI robots doesn't count).

As much as I like del Toro as a filmmaker and want to find at least one big blockbuster in this summer movie season to enjoy (sadly, this seems like the best of the bunch), I just can't work up enthusiasm for this movie.

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