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June 10, 2013


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Manny Kreisman

Holy Christ was this a giant turd. I'm glad a critic finally called out James Franco ( Did like his Dealer character in Pineapple Express however). All the actresses looked amazing, so..there's that.

Lon Nol Lol

The more I see/read about this movie, the more I appreciate the really rather wonderful 'Return To Oz'. Time for a retrospective?


I have no desire to see this film, just like I have no desire to see Wicked in any form. But, if the original film is a mapping of Dorothy's mind, Oz's appears to be the house of a reformed letch, and it's a bit much as anything other than satire, to try to tack this onto the original Wizard of Oz lacks class. It's like they want to cheapen their own franchise, so dumb. It also says a lot about what they think of us. And the idea that the Wicked Witch has to have a backstory about how she used to be nice? I'm so sick of that crap.


@Alex: Yeah, but surely that isn't *difficult*. You just have to watch the movie, and then read the book-- oh. Oh, right. Reading.

@Bill C, Yeah, I guess that could be a problem, but I feel like, it's *Disney*. If there's anyone who could mount a successful trademark/copyright challenge (and they're probably on pretty firm ground for it, too), it's those guys.

They should have made it anyway, filed a massive countersuit for unfair trade practices against Warner Bros., then bankrupted them and bought up DC.

Then Disney would own all the properties.


I kind of like James Franco. Not enough to think he has never had a horrible performance, of course. I don't know, maybe my excitement for Spring Breakers is clouding my judgment of him.


The great and powerful Walter Chaw has spoken.

Alex Jackson

While the Baum books may be in public domain, the film is not and so any adaptation of the Oz property has to be careful to not include any material unique to the 1939 film adaptation (i.e. ruby slippers).

Bill C

@braak: The problem is that Warner Bros. owns a really broad copyright on all the iconography of THE WIZARD OF OZ, which I imagine creates a legal nightmare for anyone else adapting Baum's books.

@Mr. Pinkham: Try again.


It's weird that they needed to skirt copyright questions at all; Baum died in 1919, and the last Oz books were published in 1921 -- all of them should be in the public domain in the US.

Mr. Pinkham

Sorry for the off-topic post, Walter, but the Film Freak Central email server seems to be full. I sent you an email the other day at the address on the side of the page and have been getting a "Disk quota exceeded" response from your server.

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