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May 8, 2013


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Michael Canz

Right about the film, wrong about DiCaprio ... Great actors can still be great in stinking pieces of shit like this. He's not a great actor, he's a model who has learned how to "show" he has emotions. Don't pity him for being in this... Now If only Scorsese could have bet on a better pony so many years ago, his career would not have become such a joke.


I'm more or less in complete agreement with this review, particularly your assessment of DiCaprio.

Several times during the film, when Gatsby is reminiscing about Daisy or fervently hoping to make the past the future (not that it matters because it's one and the same), DiCaprio seemed to bring forward in time the youth and hope of 1917 Gatz to 1922 Gatsby's face. Then the expression disappears and the viewer is left only with 1922 Gatsby.

So yeah, DiCaprio was at the ideal stage in his career to play Gatsby, and more's the pity that his performance was wasted.


Hahah! And YES! And whaaaat? And Let me go look that word up. Oh, Walter. I enjoyed reading your review SO much more than I liked seeing The Great Gatsby. . . .


I wish you weren't married, Walter.

Philip Shafer

This is, as expected, sad: Luhrmann's over-the-top aesthetic seems to, once again, have trumped the substance of his material. I will still see it, I am sure. I need to see where the film goes wrong for myself. I admit that I am leery of DiCaprio portraying Gatsby; I hope he really can carry the weight of that emblematic character.

Mr. Pinkham

If Luhrmann gets to do another movie, hope he tries a musical remake of Bergman's "Persona" with Pink and Christina Aguilera as the leads.


"there's no one who will love it. No one could."

What about those of us who love obviously doomed, wrongheaded fiascos? Because I've been looking forward to this movie since I heard about it.

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