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May 2, 2013


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I think you can make the case that the first "Iron Man" takes a definitive stand of some kind... something about the military industrial complex causing and solving its own problems. Still, it strikes a weird note with its terrorists having no motive, religion or culture, and the series only gets more half-assed from there. I have no idea what Iron Man 3 thought it was doing by making its bad guy a Middle Eastern terrorist with justifiable anger at the United States only to reveal that it was just Old Man Withers trying to scare kids away from his treasure.

Simon Fallaha

Basically, Sir Ben (we mustn't forget the "Sir", as Lucky Number Slevin reminded us) comes across as a pretentious over-actor a lot of the time. Schindler's List aside - where he wisely remained in the background, allowing Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes to rightly shine - he's rarely, truly, impressed me. (A rare indication of Spielberg showing restraint, I might add.)


Walter I think you've nailed exactly what all three of these movies are. Vanilla spectacle paying only lipservice to any real issues in today's America.


It's a step up from IM2, but that's not saying much. A little too much "ghosts of Lethal Weapons past" for me. Stark's Malibu mansion destruction was too reminiscent of the trashing of Murtaugh's home in 3 out of 4 LW intallments. And after LW2, 4, The A-Team, Eraser and no doubt countless other films I can't be bothered to name and know, can there be a moratorium on action scenes set in a shipping dock, involving cranes and containers?
The movie's best action set piece, involving daisy-chaining free-falling crew members of Air Force One, had me thinking how much better a Bigelow or Cameron would have shot that scene.
That mid-film reveal, however is a keeper and provided my biggest belly laugh in the cinemas so far this year.

Having said that, I'm still trying to figure out what it is about Sir Ben that so pisses off Walter.

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