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April 4, 2013


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Kait M

What made this remake exciting for me was the physicality of the horror and the effective tweaking of expectations derived from the originals and horror movie reminded me of how Kill Bill made karate fights look like real fights..the horror felt real even though it was also impossibly over the top...

and who knew that that people hiding in the walls could actually be cut by the bad guy with a knife jabbing at them??

and the biggest genre busting moment was that the inevitable twist ending was actually interesting..

Ron I

Alex says "John, CABIN IN THE WOODS is shit."


It's actually one of the better movies I've seen in a long time. It's a shame you eggheads couldn't allow yourselves to enjoy it.

I've been reading Walter's reviews for a long time, but I've never had a problem thinking for myself, unlike some.


Does ANYONE find this remake madness a little creepy, I mean Evil Dead now? Are we so spent that all we can do is keep recreating the past?


@Max - "psychotic" may have been wrong, but "predictable" apparently wasn't, no? So you can have one of those words back, whatever.

Good reviews otherwise.


I'm not a fan of the original EVIL DEAD, but this movie is my second most anticipated for this spring (after SPRING BREAKERS, of course). But knowing that the original was a seminal experience for Walt, the fact that this remake has his vote of approval is all the more exciting. You know he would be the first to call bullshit on something like this.

John, CABIN IN THE WOODS is shit.

Wayne, I'll have to see the movie to understand what Walter means, but I think you can put anything in quotation marks. CABIN IN THE WOODS put "rape" in quotation marks, so to speak. Turning a woman into a "whore" and underlining that this is a constructed archetype is kinda worse (i.e. more dehumanizing) than turning a woman into a "whore" simply because you have personal power and control issues. I'm not even meaning that the first can be an excuse for the second, but yeah, that too.


I think you are out to lunch on Evil Dead, Walter. The crime of this remake is that it is boring.


How can someone who is supposedly psychotic be predictable?


That's a great point. I think that because it's not clear that there has been sexual contact, though the intent is clearly sexual contact, that the intent is to portray rape even if it stops short of actually portraying it... if that makes any sense...maybe I should let Walter answer.

Wayne Frazer

Can you ever really put "rape" in quotation marks?


I have not read this review yet, but I am just calling in advance that Walter takes some pointless, petty jab at Cabin in the Woods somewhere in there. Time to find out whether he's the predictable psychotic grudge-bearing egomaniac I already know he is.

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