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March 18, 2013


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Austin Sanner

I stopped reading when he said he was sick of Andy Serkis. That's...just no.

Steven Spassov

This review is appalling. My goodness, is it ever awful... It's like listening to an 8-year-old talk about why he/she doesn't like school. It's completely ignorant! Clearly Walter Chaw has his own "stick-up-me-bum" thing going on. I mean, seriously? It seems like it's being hated on for the fact that it's different from the book. What a pathetic excuse to call is "bad". Long story short, this review is nothing but a disgrace to the art of writing a review.

The movie was a masterpiece. Take it from somebody who actually appreciates creativity and innovation.



Isn't Bilbo 'the lucky number' 14? So, shouldn't it be thirteen homeless dwarves?

Sorry to be that kind of person. Otherwise excellent as usual.

George Bailey

Well, how do you like that? This might be the first time it takes longer to watch the movie than read the book. Isn't it wonderful?


So it is a bloated monster with a love of gold? Who knew the film was so meta.

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