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February 18, 2013


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John Bishop

I haven't seen this one in a very long while, and thanks to Walter and Bill, once again, I intend not to. Maybe I was already getting burned out on cynically bland teensploitation and just felt this one lived up way too heavily the easy criticism of wading in shallow waters.

For perspective's sake, I just recently got the urge to revisit a 1983 TV movie called "Summer Girl," spurred on my seemingly deathless schoolboy crush on brown-haired 1980s starlet Diane Franklin, a woman who I felt deserved much better than the decade allowed her even at a tender age.

Her psychotic teen predator at least had the courageous delusion of mythological grandeur to her name (Cynthia, the "moon goddess" of Greek yore), a more confident control/display of her multiple personalities and was played with a certain fearlessness and implicating sensual poise by Franklin (at one point, it convincingly looks like the ocean has just swallowed her whole). And the adult protoganists felt like a realistically troubled family unit, with equally humanizing performances in the service of familiar woes such as complicated pregnancies and the stress of providing.

It's just sad when teen-marketed PG-13 rip-offs (I'm also thinking of "The Roommate") lack the finesse and relative maturity of even the most prototypical, melodramatic movie-of-the-week.

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