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November 8, 2012


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As a trained historian, I wonder why "large pore" goes back in time in the comments section to quote a sentence and a fraction of Bethie's pretentious prose. It was groundbreaking the first time but it does lose some of its sparkle the second go-around. Was it an odd homage or a case of blatant thievery? Or simply one person a bit too enamored with himself? I'm guessing the latter.

Did I mention that I'm a trained historian?

large pore

The telegraphed inevitability that oozes out of every pore of this movie was painful to sit through. I hoped it would end with the incredibly obvious,

Richard S.

Such an astounding movie to watch. This movie bring to life, the life of President Lincoln.
I would highly recommend this movie for anyone interested in American History.
Click Here!


Thanks, Walter, for some of the only sane words I've read about this film. And what about Spielberg's inability to bring a movie to its conclusion? (Think bright-colored, jarring progression of survivors at the end of Schindler's List to conclude what had been a remarkable black/white movie with only an enigmatic bit of muted red). Lincoln ended, but then it didn't because we had to sit through a tacked-on POV of the assassination, which I thought would end it, but no. Then we sit through another anti-climactic bit with Lincoln delivering a Jesus-impersonation (Was it my imagination that his arms were outstretched? I hope so.) to an adoring crowd with music swelling to the point of drowning out his words. If this film is elevated by anything, it has to be Daniel Day-Lewis' performance. What a shame that it was in danger of being overpowered by Spielberg's penchant for lighting extravaganza and maudlin music.


This review sucks and the Spielberg Shoah business apologist who criticized chaw sucks harder.

Chaw clearly doesn't have the requisite historical knowledge to wax poetic about this propagandized piece of trash masquerading as a biopic.

But of course his intellectual inferiority complex, which manifests itself with a nauseatingly indulgent use of multisyllabic words and run-on sentences, won't allow him to concede this fact. So instead of doing the proper research for writing this review, you know like a REAL writer would, he is content to criticize Spielberg on stylistic points.


Thank you for this review. Completely agree with you. I should have seen this movie on Thanksgiving, it's such a turkey. The history buffs who seem to adore it may have read a lot of popular biographies of Lincoln, but they aren't trained historians, which I happen to be. The telegraphed inevitability that oozes out of every pore of this movie was painful to sit through. I hoped it would end with the incredibly obvious, I-can't-believe-people-didn't-see-it-coming scene of Stevens in bed with his housekeeper (a similar gasp from the packed house, which shocked me). But no, this bird wasn't dead yet. Ugh. P.S.: I also made the comparison of this depiction to any one of many about Jesus of Nazareth, but you said it better than I did.

Simon Fallaha

Inscrutable Ted:

What's so frustrating is that Spielberg doesn't have to suck. The guy's potential is there to see in all his best movies (and moments) - it's just unfortunate that he hasn't made a near-great film in nearly two decades.

Tyler R

Years ago I found Walter Chaw by glimpsing what is still my favorite description of a film: X-Men 3 is “Michael Bay’s Schindler’s List”. It still makes me laugh. Now I have “Spielberg’s Passion of the Christ” to add to that.


I haven't seen the movie, but I enjoy Walter's reviews, and I can testify that Spielberg does indeed suck.

Cunegonde Jukes

I'm sitting in my underwear, down in your basement, Chaw! I'm refiling (and defiling) screener discs in the wrong sleeve-lets.
The text is coming from inside the house!

Orange Fiftysix

Why does every hater think Walter lives in his parents' basement clad in nothing but underwear? Projection bias?

Michael D Carr

You sir know nothing about film. This film will go down in history as one of the great American films of all time while you will still be sitting in your underwear in your parents basement. Seriously as a student of Lincoln and of film I found this to be an fascinating and illuminating portrayal. I'm sure Daniel Day Lewis and Spielberg will be thinking about your review as they collect their Oscars.


Even Day Lewis's impression and make up
can't get this dud off the ground.

---the 6th---7th? Lincoln ---and again with
Sally Field?

ALLLL this as revelations sweep the world of Hollywood's
4 decades of eager, anxious and KEY collusion in
delivering predictive programming for debasement and

ALLLLL this as- - -

---the 200th Anniversary of Napoleon's Defeat at Moscow

---the 100th Anniversary of the Jeckyl Island coup against America

----the 40th Anniversary of the Rockefeller-NIXON-MAO
handover summit

----and the 60th Anniversary of the RED China, Globalism,
EUGENICS and GENOCIDE ---'uncomfortable'

------------------KOREAN WAR-------------------

---are 'mysteriously overlooked' . . .

Spielberg continues to deliver stale PC moral alibis
------for himself. . .

William Smith

Thank you, Mr. Chaw, for what is obviously one of the few reasonably objective reviews of this film. Our most obvious director, coupled with an actor who leaves no piece of scenery unchewed, together for an exercise in hagiography of dubious historical merit--one word suffices. Deadly.


This review is a joke, tainted by your obvious anti-Spielberg bias going in. And for the record, it is quite evident during the film that Tad was not present during the assassination, but was instead informed of it while watching a separate show in another theater on the same night, (which is historical fact by the way). Why do you think someone would have had to come on stage to inform the audience, (including Tad), that the president had just been shot if the crowd had just witnessed the assassination, (and John Wilkes Booth jumping on stage afterwards), for themselves? Dolt. You just made a fool of yourself and don't even realize it.



Don't count on it. Nine out of ten critics are head over heels for this thing, I got here looking for somebody who wasn't quaffing the Kool-Aid. Praise be to you, Walter Chaw.


I could smell the wax candy coating on the trailer. Why make a movie about a relic?


well the good news is now that this film is a dud, it'll clear the way for argo to be recognize. Maybe get Affleck into the oscar contention that he so deserves.

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