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November 21, 2012


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This movie finally came to a theater near me, and I enjoyed the hell out of it. It's not about Saul Bass or Tony Perkins or minutae like Whitfield Cook's previous screenwriting credits, or even about the impact of "Psycho." It's about Alma and about highlighting her role. Gervasi doesn't buy that Hitchcock was as big a creep as Tippi Hedren claims he was, and perhaps he wasn't in the period depicted here. Watching this film back to back with the HBO film "The Girl," if either is to be believed, suggests that post-Psycho, Hitchcock fell progressively further down the rabbit hole.


I would like to suggest a book called "What You See In The Dark" by Manuel Munoz, a dreamy and intriguing (if , ultimately slight)book set in a small town near California, in which a widowed motel owner's son ends up killing his girl friend while Hitchcock is in town with Janet Leigh, scouting locations for Psycho.


What a shame, indeed! I was o looking forward to this. BTW, did anybody else notice how the title is so misleading?

J.P. Ward

I loved reading this review. Sometimes I think Mr. Chaw's indignation is misplaced, but it's hard to disagree with "I mean, seriously: fuck this movie."


Wasn't there a toilet in Hitch's "Mr. & Mrs. Smith"?


Kudos Walter, you a true professional as I have no idea how you mustered up this much energy to write about this dog of a film. I think the only bright spot for me was stunning Jessica Biel looked in her early 60's fashions. Maybe she is an actress out-of-time since she has been in a lot of terrible movies in the modern days.

John Bishop

Ed Gein as the prestige film equivalent of Jack Goodman or the Val Kilmer version of Elvis. Should I even humor this seeing as how I'm afraid there's not even a hint of humor in this device's deployment? Wow...just wow. Happy Thanksgiving, Film Pilgrims, and I hope to get my head together after I see this film, as it will most likely have exploded.


So, we can all agree that Sacha Gervasi's key achievement to date is still sperm-poisoning a Spice Girl...

Richard Archer

I was a little hyped about this when it was first green-lighted ... but I got bad, bad feelings about it from the second I saw the first photo of Hopkins in his Hitch makeup. And if indeed this movie has the Wisconsin Ghoul "mentoring" Hitch (in any way, shape or form), then it's even worse than I thought. So it seems that after "Skyfall" and "Lincoln", this one will be yet ANOTHER long-awaited disappointment for me.


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