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August 1, 2012


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Manny K.

Holy crap did this movie suck. The excessive use of artificial lens flares was particularly obnoxious. That and empty, nonsensical action. Not sure why Wiseman gets credit for constructing good action scenes.

Victor Sparrow

> I wonder how interesting this movie could've been if Beckinsale were the secret agent and Farrell was the hunky eye-candy husband?

Whoa. That's as good a swap as a Jude Law-Matt Damon would have been in The Talented Mr. Ripley. With a female lead, TR would have been an entirely different movie.

The 'science-fiction' in films like have made the premise for Recall pretty generic. Like Sound of My Voice and Another Earth or Memento, this film could have done a better job via lo-fi production values -- the science-fiction elements were visual candy. Most of them were unnecessary to sustain the plot.

Mark Compton

Mars was nixed because in the BOOK he doesn't go to MARS!


I think Mars was nixed this time around because Hollywood's now very superstitious about the number of movies that flop with Mars in the title. Mission to Mars, John Carter, Mars Needs Moms, Red Planet, et al. Ironically, if Total Recall 2012's really this unremarkable (haven't seen it), it would probably have helped having the hero go to a future-Mars environment. Well, visually.

Beckinsale's a curious case. She's the British Mila Jovovich in my mind, but more of a loss to Hollywood... because, pre-Underworld, she was actually a decent actress who deserved better. Now she's a surprisingly good action movie star who doesn't actually get to appear in good action movies.


It was not ripe for a remake. STOP WITH THE ENDLESS REMAKES


The original had a great script, but it was ruined by Verhoeven's sloppy, coke-fueled direction and gaffes like soldiers standing in a circle shooting at a hologram. Its big accomplishment was the greatest nose-picking scene in film history. So it was ripe for a remake, but not a bland one.
I always thought the lead role called for an actor with depth, so it's an interesting point that Arnold's dorkiness is a plus. The thought of Beckinsdale in the lead is even more interesting, but alas, too late for that.


EZ, I interpret that line as sarcasm, as in it's lucky for the movie that they didn't have to cast minorities. Hence the note about Sudan and Japan immediately afterwards. Hollywood is notoriously shy about having a mostly-"minority" cast out of some fear that the perceived majority won't show up to see it.

Re: Arnold's dorkiness (heh), I recall reading the novelization of the Verhoeven version before the movie came out, by Piers Anthony of all people, and it made a point of noting Quaid felt like a fifth wheel in his life. He felt like the only thing he had going for him was being muscular, that otherwise he felt dumb and goofy. I thought it a good characterization of Arnold when I actually saw the movie so you're pretty spot-on there.


I'm confused Mr. Walter wrote "Chemical war that has left only two habitable places (luckily, neither house many minorities...)". Was that irony or a suggestion on your part that having no minorities is "lucky"? I saw an early screening and this movie and agree tha Beckinsale was the best part of the film.


I really like the original for the reasons you mention. It's just creative and odd and that makes it stick. I wonder how interesting this movie could've been if Beckinsale were the secret agent and Farrell was the hunky eye-candy husband? And they avoided or at least exploited the conventions while telling a great Philip K. Dick yarn? We'll never know.

Pol Pot Plant

"Get your ass to"... Australia? :-/

Ah well.

Justin B-H

Thanks for the warning....

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