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August 9, 2012


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I thought the first half was funny, but somewhere it lost any energy. I'll disagree with Walter about the wife seduction scene, as I think it might be at the place where the movie completely derails. Infidelity never seems like a good source for comedy. You could tell that scene killed the mood of the audience I saw it with. It would have been nice to see a bit more of Zach's innocent character countering the ruthlessness of his opponent and the political process. Instead, Zach almost-immediately becomes an ass, and the 2 leads are just insulting each other but not in very interesting ways. The film is funny half the time and feels really neutered. Like a film version of a Cliff Notes on US Politics.


Movie's not great, but the audience I saw it with laughed consistently, and I'd say any film that tells the masses to ignore the speeches and the ads and look at who's really financing these clowns, even if that's not educational to all of us, gets a thumbs up in my book.


Can we list any movies where Hollywood really made a "brave political commentary" where politics actually drives the storyline? Not any recently. Like this election, playing it middle of the road, maybe because it's so confusing how similar the two parties are?

Justin B-H

How unlike modern Hollywood to equivocate! Thanks for the warning.

Hey atheistconservative, how about spamming somewhere else with your birther opinions?


Hey, Walter and I agree on something ... the 2012 campaign is ridiculous. How an unqualified loser who presided over four years of 8%+ unemployment, never released any personal records, and kept every single 'evil Bush policy' that he promised to repeal is still in the running - that's just ridiculous.

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