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July 2, 2012


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Modern myths are about capturing the imagination on a primal level by using the fantastical to talk about an overarching theme that has meaning beyond the current culture. In short, they're timeless.

The Christopher Nolan Batman movies are an excellent example of this. They are cool because they understand what the characters represent as an archetype.

While this movie might have had some promise to you or Walter as being something else it didn't deliver on, I'm challenging you that it, too, would be a boring current/topical take on Spider-Man, rather than getting at the myth.


Jesus this superhero crap is worn out, doesn't anyone else think so? Why reboot a series 5 years old? At least when they're butchering classics enough times passed that the target audience doesn't fathom the superior original they're crapping on anyway. Hollywood has always been pathetic but this smacks of some new level of desperation & corporate soullessness that's embarrassing to behold.

Surely you can crank out better bread & circus than this, you hacks


Just out of curiosity Stephanie, what ARE modern myths about?

Having seen this last night I can see where Walter is coming from. There's a darker movie lurking at the corners of this one that they flirted with and drew back from. And it crops up too many times to be chalked up to coincidence. Not surprising as they have to sell action figures to little kids, but it makes for a hamstrung and curiously inert story nonetheless. And the Chronicle comparisons are completely appropriate seeing as Curt and Peter share a conversation about "apex predators."


A lot of what you are complaining about seems to be in want of a fresh take on Spider-Man. Well, Walter, they never got him right to begin with. Raimi totally missed the aspect of Peter hiding behind his juvenile and biting humor and his mask because he doesn't really believe in himself. That's what makes him endearing. Spider-Man is like if Woody Allen was always 26 in the Marvel U.

Raimi just made him a perpetually wide-eyed nerd and tossed in some themes about fatherhood (although I'll never forget Dafoe talking to that mirror). And Peter Parker was a handsome young man when he got out of high school, and totally could get girls like Gwen and M.J., he just had crappy self-esteem.

I'm perfectly happy with Peter Parker never being portrayed as an analogy for a high school shooter, or anything else I can see on CNN, for that matter. That's not what modern myths are about, thanks. Frankly, I'm surprised that you think superheroes are an avenue to talk about that. It seems unimaginative. Superman Returns is a terrible film for the same reason.




Glad this review mentions CHRONICLE, which has already obliterated any need I might have had to see any of this year's superhero franchise films.


@ AtheistConservative

i blame Freud and batman begins.


It would be so nice to have a single movie come out of Hollywood that ISN'T about daddy issues.


Walter's underwhelmed by a remake of yet-another comic book adaptation about a costumed superhero? Color me surprise.

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