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June 20, 2012


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CAFÉ 78 Karachi

Great article nicely explanation thumbs up for Mark Andrews, Brenda Chapman


You Know u are an idiot. While this wasn't great, the 2 Cars movies were among the best. It is so obvious that u aren't an American.


Actually, now having seen BRAVE, I quite liked that they decided to have the entire story revolve around family miscommunication and a mother-daughter feud where both act out and pay the price. I think it is one of the better Pixar's and it's nothing at all like the Disney Princess movies....Walter's review of 'towing the line' being the solution to the film is a misconception, there is clearly a younger-generation molding tradition and cultural mores to their purpose. Also a wedding and a Murder is also false. *SPOILERS* There is NO WEDDING and the murder is releasing a failed king from bondage, and it certainly hints that the Will-O-The-Wisps are the souls of Scots who failed to pass their own tests of maturity and or morality. I think there are some right story elements hiding just out of sight in this one, and that it's going to age pretty good in the Pixar canon. Certainly it approaches the two Brad Bird features (i.e. the Best Pixar Films!)

Simon Fallaha

Now, now, Cameron, M:I 4 was excellent. Walter will tell you that. Am with you on Stanton though; I doubt he'll ever top Nemo or WALL-E.


Having only seen the trailers, the risible predictableness of the story and plot doesn't surprise me at all. It practically screamed "we're finally making a film with the female as the star, are you happy now?!?" to quell the backlash (like Mrs. Incredible, Violet, Jessie, Dory and EVE are chopped liver?), and everything else just raised whelp, generic in my jaded eyes.

I dunno, I don't think this will go over well critically; there's blood in the water after Cars 2, and a lot of folks don't like ridiculous success and are possibly (idiotically) hoping for Pixar to prove themselves just as fallible as every other production company.

I don't think the answer is as simple as Stanton and or Bird coming back into the fold. (Though I would love it if at least Stanton did - sorry Cameron, Bird is 4 for four, and Ghost Protocol is a rousing piece of not only action cinema but proof positive the man's got the goods - the cutting and spacing and pacing of the non-action scenes are as good as you'll find in modern day filmmaking - I present to you the shot of the Cruise's non-chalant head bob of "yeah, I know, wtf?" look to the prison guards during the breaking out of prison that Bird can frame a scene as good as anyone directing live action today). No, what the company needs is an infusion of talented new blood. Who and where are the young Stanton's, the young Bird's? Have they been developing them in house, or are they still out there, maybe still in school, maybe in different mediums? While I think Docter is the least talented of the big 3 (as his two films are a mere great instead of astounding), I'm giddy as all get out for his new one, The Untitled Pixar Picture That Takes You Inside the Mind (and I can't be the only one hoping for some kind of "Barton Fink" homage in that, can I?).


I had this sinking feeling reading in the NY Times (last week) how much effort was put into getting Merida's hair "just right." For some sad reason Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian crashed into my mind. I was so hoping this would stand tall alongside my Pixar greats: Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Ratatouille, and Toy Story (all.) Aw well, I guess I'll just power up the blue-ray and watch Hit-Girl SERIOUSLY Kick Ass!


The Disney Way: nothing solves everything forever like a wedding and the bad guy dying at the end.

That scene in Up where an old man plummets to his doom is still seared onto my retinas.


I wanted BRAVE to be Pixar's PRINCESS MONONOKE (or at least it's NAUSICAA) and instead we get a retread of THE LITTLE MERMAID, red hair and all? How disappointingly lame, Pixar.


Classy as always, Caption Boy


"I'm telling you, as the father of a wonderful, quirky, strong, amazing little girl, I was breathless with anticipation over a Pixar film with a female protagonist. Imagine my disappointment when they gave me another Disney one."

Damn shame. I feel the same, and I don't want to be disappointed.


I hope Brad Bird or Andrew Stanton do return to Animation, because they can't direct live-action worth a damn. MI:4 and John Carter were both crap.

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