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May 6, 2012


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Bryant Frazer

Thanks, James!

I wish I had it in me to believe that "We Built This City" was a sophisticated joke. Actually, on the Blu-ray commentary track, Bobin mentions that he got overwhelmingly negative feedback over the song's inclusion, but swears that he actually likes the song — and then Bobin (or Segel, I can't remember) waves the question away by saying that kids like the song, and it's a kids' movie. Wrong answer!

A happy side-effect of watching The Muppets was that it gave me an excuse to look at some old episodes of The Muppet Show — which I haven't seen, with rare exception, since they first aired — and they were even better than I remembered.

James Allen

Excellent write-up, Bryant. Your observations are pretty spot on. I did like the film a little more than you did (I'd give it 3 out of 4.) The thing I just couldn't deny the film was its wonderfully affectionate tone, which pretty much carried me the whole way.

I understand your point about the sop to the "I Love the 80's" crowd. However, the joke I took away from the use of "We Built This City" is not that they used it as an 80's reference point, but that it was deployed without a shred of irony. Perhaps I'm over analyzing, but it did make me laugh.

The big misstep of the film to me was the use of Cee Lo Green's "Fuck You," the gag of which was old long before it was thought of; and such a song should never be anywhere near a Muppet movie anyway.

Good job, sir.

PS Love the redesign!

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