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May 30, 2012


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I love what you said about Kristin's performance. I kept thinking CLOSE your mouth, your teeth are like white beacons distracting me from the movie! I'm sure she has potential but Twilight has ruined her acting in this film. I think it wouldn't have been as noticeable if Charlize wasn't as complex of a character and as good at it.


I have lost respect for you from reading this review (though not because you didn't like the film, I haven't seen it) and I have been a fan of your for a long time. I know you probably don't give a shit, but whatever.


The review of the film was okay, but your understanding of feminism needs a lot of work.

Plamen Kovatchev

@Landon C. You know, I saw it yesterday, and I can't tell if I liked it, hated it, or something in between.

The film is a definite "meh." You lose nothing by missing it, but if you want to watch a fantasy flick, you could do worse.


Source Code was exceptional. Don't know what Chad's talking about, there.

Jefferson Robbins

But but but SOURCE CODE was pretty good ... I thought ...


Walter, you see true flaws and you know good art. I think this had promise, and if they are going to make it look like they have something to say, it can surely be judged more harshly. I love fairy tales, they're morality plays...warnings. They can be turned on their heads brilliantly and transcend, or they can be played at and really reinforce the worst and most vapid aspects of human nature. It's the same thing with the superhero genre, so much promise, then reinforcing impotence and conforming to it.

I'm longing for both the sweet and the brave in my modern myth.


So refreshing to read honesty! Thank you Walter. I saw it and I think your views were very complimentary to Stewart and Theron. I will never understand the Stewart appeal..teenage (no matter the viewers age)rebellion?

Landon C.

I can't tell if you liked it, hated it, or somewhere in between.


"world's palest Rorschach blot"--way to put it, i love this metaphor


hilarious, awesome review, Walter. this almost makes up for me watching Source Code.

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